A very common problem we face on a regular basis here at Hillco Fastener Warehouse is customers complaining that their bolts "broke." Usually, we hear "You need to replace my bolts. I bought 16 of them and all the heads popped off when I installed them." So, the first thing we have trained our counter men and women to ask is "Ok, I can help you. What kind of bolt was it?" If it's stainless steel, we ask if they used anti-seize. Usually, the answer is no. If that's the case, we then educate them on the need for anti-seize when using stainless steel bolts, sell them some new ones, and off they go, happy to have learned something new. Often times, however, they'll say "I used grade 8 and I barely torqued them at all!" Right...So we pull out a torque-spec sheet (I found a pretty good one here: http://www.raskcycle.com/techtip/webdoc14.html). Usually, they've over-torqued the bolt to the point the head has been stretched right off. It doesn't take much, usually quite a bit less that the customer believes is needed. So get that torque wrench out and follow the specs on your torque sheet, and don't break any more bolts. Now, get back out to the garage and make some noise!